Who we are ?

Zhongshan DerTor Lighting Co.,Ltd. was founded in Guzhen China.

We are committed to providing quality products and quality services to

 interior designers around the world . We focus on  Baccarat,

 Saint_Louis,Maria Theresa , SERIP , Brand van Egmond , Swarovski and

Castro Lighting style , All products in our catalog support customization.

Craftsman’s spirit 

We believe you can't be a great lighting company without great product quality.

We believe that the right proportion of the lamp body can make the whole indoor 

space show the best results . And light is the source of hope , he gives the space 

unlimited possibilities . and we are hunters chasing light, 

where there is light, there is us .

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How will we work ?

We will develop a production plan based on your order , and we will send you an 

email regularly to let you know the progress of the production process without disturbing you.

Regarding the monitoring of product quality , we will take photos and send them to 

you at the moment when each part is finished . if you have no problem with the quality of the 

parts ,then we will continue to produce.

2019-10-21  By Hamid 

To be continued...