• The challenges and responses facing the lighting industry

    Judging from the production and sales situation of lighting products in the first half of this year, traditional light source products have shown a general decline,

    2018/09/26 14

  • The current response of LED lighting companies

    With the development of the LED industry, the rise of e-commerce channels, the promotion of the Internet +, and the slowdown of the overall environmental economy, the penetration rate of the lighting industry has been greatly improved this year.

    2018/09/26 2

  • LED industry enters the harsh winter period

    Some time ago, the news that the two LED SMEs closed down by Light Energy Technology and Zhongxiang Innovation quickly spread in the industry. Although it is not a two-blockbuster, it is also a big su

    2018/09/26 3

  • Industrial design strategy for LED luminaires

    In the new wave of industrial revolution, LED lamps as a solid-state lighting product to replace the existing gas lighting products is the trend, and the replacement process is in full swing, but in g

    2018/09/26 2

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